The driving force behind Stofberg Insurance Brokers’ success is undoubtedly our professional team. Our mandated advisors have 100 years of collective experience and are complemented by a well-trained and highly motivated support team. Director Nollie Stofberg sets the bar by saying, “If people believe they share values with a company, they stay loyal to the brand”. That is why we can proudly say that staff expertise and continuity are two of the key drivers of our competitive edge, helping us build long-term trust and client relationships that last for decades.



Managing Director /
Risk Manager: Short-Term Insurance
ICiBS, CoP, FETC Short-term Insurance

Nollie Stofberg has been working in the short-term insurance industry for 36 years. He became an independent broker in 1995 and has been leading his firm from the front ever since. Decades of experience shaped him into an extraordinary risk planner who firmly believes in viewing a client’s risk portfolio objectively, holistically and independently, and then using their knowledge and skill to ensure a client is correctly insured. He firmly believes that to be successful in the short-term insurance industry you have to be a specialist in one’s field to be able to add value and manage a client’s short term risks effectively. To be objective and to have an independent approach to a client’s risk management it is critical to have a holistic view.


Business Manager
BCom HR Management, BCom Hons Industrial Psychology, MBA

Delmarie Lingenfelder is a dynamic executive with a proven ability to drive strategic change. Her leadership is built on a strong academic foundation, 12 years’ industry experience and renowned professional integrity. She not only has a natural aptitude for operational management, problem solving and business continuity, but also a keen eye for continuous improvement and unlocking new opportunities. She joined Stofberg Insurance Brokers in 2009.


Risk Manager: Short-Term Insurance
ICiBS, CoP, FETC Short-Term Insurance

Nickie Visser plays a strategic role in the business with a track record of 32 years in insurance. He started his career in 1989 and has worked his way up to relationship manager and regional training manager, respectively, for two leading national insurers. He joined the former Stofberg & Griessel Versekeringsmakelaars in 2004 and stayed true to his insurance roots when the firm became Stofberg Insurance Brokers. Nickie seldom takes no for an answer and gets expeditious results as an intermediary for his clients. He is a master at capitalising on his experience in the industry and is well-known as a strong competitor in the market.


Risk Manager: Short-Term Insurance
BCom Management Accounting, FETC Short-Term Insurance

With a BCom degree in Management Accounting, Riël Badenhorst is a master at tailoring cost-effective but targeted risk management plans. He believes that correct advice and settled claims are the critical measure of success, and his drive to maintain this keeps him a step ahead of his peers. He balances industry knowledge and his ability to view portfolios holistically, with a perfectionistic eye for detail, analytical and problem-solving skills to manage risk with great insight and mastery. He places a high premium on ethics. He furthermore holds several qualifications in IT and has positioned himself as a key role player since joining the firm in 2009.


Risk Manager: Short-Term Insurance
FETC Short-Term Insurance

Logical, calm and ethical even when no-one is watching. Meet risk manager Bertus van Eck. After his national defence service, studies in Stellenbosch and quick stint at a major bank, Bertus started his intermediary career in the corporate division of a top national insurer. He then built a Kimberley branch into one of the five largest in the country. He became an independent broker in 2004 and worked as the director of a local firm until joining the Stofberg team in 2012 – with 23 years in the industry behind him! A good value proposition is his forte, which is why he retains his clients, decade after decade.


Risk Manager: Short-Term Insurance
BCom Marketing

In true millennial fashion, an energetic and optimistic outlook is what Driaan Stofberg brings to the table. He adds fresh vision to the office dynamic and has an eagerness to learn which inspires a culture of growth throughout the business. With exceptional interpersonal skills, he effortlessly relates with diverse personalities and has hence developed a client-driven focus. Although fresh out of university with a BCom degree in Marketing, he is already proving to be well-organised, solutions-driven and able to adapt to any situation or change: perfect traits for evaluating and advising clients on the full scope of individual asset risk needs.



Underwriting & Claims Assistant
CoP, FETC Short-Term Insurance

Jackie Spreeth joined Santam Insurance immediately after school and gained seven years of administrative experience before deciding to pursue a career as a broker. After obtaining her full qualification, she joined a leading national insurer, where she worked for 13 years until joining the Stofberg team. Her contribution lies not only in decades of industry know-how but also in her reassuring, client-centric approach. Her ability to put clients at ease while working at speed has made her a key contributor to our clients’ overall service experience. She joined the team in 2011 and now holds a 30-year track record in the industry.


Underwriting & Claims Assistant
FETC Short-Term Insurance

At the age of 19, Elzaan Geldenhuys joined a small family business for exposure to the corporate world and to start developing her creative skills. This was aptly complemented by the professionalism and corporate etiquette she then acquired as a personal assistant in an attorney’s office. Next she spent almost seven years in the wine and hospitality industry, refining her proficiency in service and interpersonal skills. Having joined the Stofberg team in 2013, initially as a receptionist, she now works as an underwriting and claims assistant thanks to her dedicated part-time studies while working at Stofberg Insurance Brokers.



Underwriting & Claims Assistant

Melissa Kriel makes an invaluable contribution through her quiet and calm way of handling daily tasks and workplace pressure. She pays meticulous attention to detail and has an inborn gift for accuracy – characteristics that naturally ensure exceptional levels of service. Her contented and empathetic demeanour gains the trust of every client, and puts them at ease in the event of a claim. Two years after having joined the team in 2019, she has made the Stofberg values her own. She boldly shares the company philosophy of service excellence and ethical conduct, which makes her a new but highly valuable addition to the business.


Underwriting & Claims Assistant
CoP, FETC Short-Term Insurance

Hard work feeds success. This belief is the driving force behind Jacolien Badenhorst’s positive outlook and the reason for her great fit with Stofberg Insurance Brokers. After her time working in the United States, she joined the firm in 2005, obtained her full qualification in Short-term Insurance and now holds 13 years’ experience in the business. Her outgoing personality inspires immediate trust, which she backs up with ethical conduct and hard work in the long run. She is known for her empathy towards those who have suffered loss and for maintaining relationships with her clients’ interests at heart at all times.


Underwriting & Claims Assistant

Michelle Cohen exudes an energy that naturally spills over to the rest of the team. Michelle is not only a dedicated assistant but she tends to pick up business leads wherever she goes. With an eager and professional take on life, she is fully committed to efficient service delivery, and applies her fast-track approach for timeous results in all of her clients’ affairs. She started operating in the short-term insurance arena in 2006, then joined the Stofberg brand nine years later. She has since learned the finer tricks of the trade and now boasts a well-rounded 12 years of dedicated experience in the field.


Renewal & Underwriting Assistant
ICiBS, FETC Short-Term Insurance

Denise Viljoen joined the team in 2008 with the valuable expertise she had gained as head of department at a major insurer’s personal and commercial division for six years. The precision and accuracy with which she works, sets an example to others of ethical, thorough and consistent conduct. The result is a high standard she expects from her team and herself, and her manager summarises her by saying that he will fight a war with her by his side. The company freely taps into her knowledge and when a new colleague needs to be trained, Denise is the person assigned to the job.


Renewal & Underwriting Assistant

Isonette Visser is an optimistic individual who values a positive working environment. After finishing school, she worked in the Netherlands to gain rare and sought-after self-management skills. As she experienced first-hand that your contribution to society and life is your own responsibility, she is now a goal-driven team member and a keen learner who believes that there is no time to focus on limitations. She joined the Stofberg team in 2018 but has already obtained her RE qualification and is a valuable contributor to the ongoing success of our firm.



Underwriting & Claims Assistant

Ina-Maré Neethling can be described as a focused and precise worker. Although fairly new to the company, she is a perfect fit for Stofberg Insurance Brokers and already fully dedicated to the team and its corporate values. Clients can expect a job well done with every interaction, as excellence in service and quick turnaround times on claims are of the utmost importance to her. Apart from her initial RE qualification, she recently obtained an FETC in Short-term Insurance. And with her effortless efficiency Ina-Maré has fast become a force to be reckoned with.


Underwriting & Claims Assistant
FETC Short-Term Insurance

Cindy Swanepoel joined the Stofberg team in 2018 and acquired her full qualification in insurance very soon after. It was a clear indication of her drive from the outset and she has since carved a niche for herself in the company. She has a calm approach to serving our clients, yet an eagerness to help that is impossible to miss. Her ability to master new skills and to work in a structured and disciplined manner has quickly made her a valuable asset. She has adopted our corporate values as her own and shares the company philosophy of service excellence and ethical conduct.



Underwriting & Claims Assistant

Melissa de Bod is full of energy and always strives to exceed client expectations. She is a self-motivated team player with an eye for the bigger picture and excellent communication skills. She is fully committed to the service excellence which the company covets as a corporate value, and extends a helping hand to colleagues and clients alike. With her ability to multitask, she is an asset to a team that values efficiency, and she believes in being kind and always friendly. She joined the team in 2017, is currently completing her FETC in Short-term Insurance and has industry experience of almost 10 years.


Underwriting & Claims Clerk

Mathilda Pretorius brings the energy, optimism and tech-savviness of the millennial generation to the team. Her career in insurance started in 2021 and promises to take her far thanks to her vision and eagerness to learn. To Mathilda, her career is a definite choice and not one she had chosen out of desperation. Doing business in an ethical and empathetic way aligns with who she is. And as a welcoming working environment and friendly colleagues are a comfortable fit for her, Stofberg Insurance Brokers provides a second home where she is determined to give only her best.



Financial Manager
Pastel Payroll

She leads her life somewhat like a balance sheet: there is a clear right or wrong but she balances the coldness of numbers with a warm, motherly touch. Elphia Visser started her career in 1987 as an administrative clerk in Upington. She developed and gained insight into finances and the year 2000 brought her to Wellington as an assistant accountant before she offered her skills to the former Stofberg & Griessel. She stayed on at Stofberg Insurance Brokers and remains an integral part of the company to this day. With a qualification in the Pastel payroll system – and years of experience – she helps keep the financial management systems running smoothly.


Receptionist and Personal Assistant

Elize Muller’s calm demeanour makes her an excellent fit in the role of personal assistant. She exudes positivity and friendliness, and giving outstanding service comes naturally to her. She enjoys working with people, giving clients a warm welcome and lending personal assistance. Her key goal is to create a happy working environment after all, and her eagerness to help is clearly evident in her day-to-day conduct. But she also believes that time and energy invested in oneself is never wasted, which has paid off by her coming through the ranks from general worker in 2012 to personal assistant today.

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